anime cat by Yuki564 on deviantART
Angel Cat
You’ll find out why she’s called “Angel” Cat!

One hot summer day, Cat was sauntering down the burning street when she saw a peculiar liquid trying to ooze down the drain. Cat was really thirsty, so she licked the strange liquid. It tasted like cherry medicine. Cat looked disgustedly at the liquid and walked away.

The next day was cooler. Cat went outside and stretched her wings. Wait. . . Wings?!? Cat looked surprisedly at her new glowing white wings. Whatever. Cat thought. Cat strutted to her friends to show off her new wings.

All her friends stared at her in disbelief. “Like, OMG!” Sassy meowed. “Like, how did you get those?” 

“My secret.” Cat hissed.

“Let's call Cat, Angel Cat!” Puff yowled. 

“ANGEL CAT! ANGEL CAT! ANGEL CAT!” all cats meowed. 

Cat, or now Angel Cat, spread her wings and flapped them. Angel Cat rose elegantly into the sky and away. 

That is why Angel Cat is called an Angel cat.


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