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Yay! I finally got 7 watchers for my DeviantArt account, DarkAngelBoy64! Thank You so much, XxDragonWizardxX, pandas5cami, TheBlackDragon175, Getini, SophietheFox, Saralovescats, and levidondondon!!!!!!

Best Pokemon Showdown Moves

Leech Life
Heal Bell

Use Latias First - Reflect
Has Toxic?
No. Use

Unravel! U N D E R D O G S Nightcore

This is an awesome nightcore made by U N D E R D O G S!!!

Animal Classification

So in my class, we are learning animal classification, etc. etc. My teacher has a cool way of remembering.

Kids Play Cards On Funny Green Stools

Kids for Kingdom,
 Play for Phylum,
On for Order,
 Funny for Family,
Green for Genus,
and Stools for Species.

My Book Ideas

1. School for Angels
An odd angel out when an angel named _____ is born with black, no white wings...

2. City of Mutants
When the city believes that animals are causing mutations... Eradicating all animals... But then the mutations don't stop... A group of mutants has to find a way to stop the mutations... Or everything is doomed!
(Survival based in the city) (In future)

3. When the Wind Blows
A story about a girl with a sickness that lives on a farm... Then she meets another person other than her parents and maids... And the person isn't afraid of the others to get the secret
(The person had a dare to go and see her, he doesn't actually want to make friends with her, but they do anyway.

Karma Akabane


100 reasons I dont like math

1. I don't like it 2. I don't like it 3. I don't like it 4. I don't like it 5. I don't like it

More Nightcore!