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Hello. I hope you like the recent stories on the blog. All six chapters of my story are posted. Here are the Chapters.

Chapter 1 - Cooper and Oliver Chapter 2 - Tiger Chapter 3 - The Out Chapter 4 - Tiger’s Attack Chapter 5 - The Pickle Incident
Chapter 6 - (By the Way this is the Last Chapter)
I rather like Chapter 6, because it makes me laugh. My two kitties like to knock things over as well. At some point in the night, we hear a thunk. In the morning, we find at least one thing has fallen down. As for the story title, I do not know what to name it. It is your choice. Some of my friends suggested
"Cat Wonders" "Cooper and Oliver's Adventures" and "Fuzzy Cats"
I surprisingly like the last title "Fuzzy Cats".
Best regards, The Author
Chapter 6 (By the Way, This is the last Chapter)
So bye and all that. Oliver is doing something we like to do, (which is knocking things over)  and I have to go push him over. "HEY! Do NOT knock that over! I want to knock that over! Hey!!! No!!! Bye!
Chapter 5 The Pickle Incident
OK. . .  So the pickle incident . . . It is very funny. So this one Saturday, Oliver was digging, I was relaxing in my bed. Suddenly, I noticed our kid human left food. Oliver went over and licked it. Oliver made a funny face, and then I fell over laughing. He was like . . . like . . . "FOR MEOWING OUT LOUD!"  Sorry Oliver that was so, so, funny! MEOW MURROWLLL!!!!
I tasted it after my laughing. And I made a funny face. So it went back and forth. Lick. Laugh. Lick. Laugh. Lick. Laugh. And so on.
Chapter 4 Tiger’s Attack
So I was nicely walking around. I chomped on the bug I caught. Tasted like pickle. I know the taste of pickle because . . . I’ll tell you later. Anyways, I was crunching on this yummy bug, and then Tiger leaped out of the bushes! “Snarl. . .” Tiger snarled at us. Tiger leaped at me. I ran inside. Oliver clawed at Tiger and hissed, “Stay off my territory you big fat cat!”
And that was that.
Chapter 3 The Out
The Out. Also known as The Danger. The Cold. The Place where Cats get lost. The Place where cats get Turned into Roadkill. The Place where Cats get homeless. The NO FOOD place. The - I could go on all day. I don’t know why cats like going outside. I guess cats like going outside, for a change. Oliver tells me all about the outside. “The outside contains delicious bugs, grass, and whatever. You won’t get dry kibble outside. Or. . . Fancy Feast. . . Whatever. Anyways. So the outside Meow Meow Meow Meow....”
Chapter 2 Tiger
So in chapter one I told you about another cat. His name is Tiger. Tiger likes to fight Oliver through the glass. Our humans say we are friends but we are not. When my girl human sees Tiger, she goes out and plays with him. I say, “My Human! My Human! My Human!!!!!” I yowl.
Oliver says she can’t hear us. But I think my girl human does. Sometimes during a fight with Tiger, my girl human comes and scolds us. She sprays Tiger and I with the . . . with the . . . WATER BOTTLE!!!  We (All cats in this world.) hate the water bottle. So we stay away.
Chapter 1 Cooper and Oliver
Hi. I’m Cooper. I’m 2 years old and I wonder about everything. Like, ‘Hey! What’s that smell?’ I’m really, really, curious. (And don’t tell anyone, but I’m a scaredy-cat.) I have a brother whose name is Oliver. He likes going outside. Oliver sometimes digs the hardwood floor to get outside. He meows and meows. “Ooooooouuuuuuttttttttt!!!!! OOOOOOOUUUUUUUTTTTTTTT!!!!!” Then my man human comes and sometimes opens the door. But if Oliver is still digging, my man human gives him a putt on his butt. I don’t get why he wants to go out. It’s safe and warm inside,  and the inside has good food.
One time, Oliver saw another cat out there. But that’s another chapter.  
Angel Cat You’ll find out why she’s called “Angel” Cat!

One hot summer day, Cat was sauntering down the burning street when she saw a peculiar liquid trying to ooze down the drain. Cat was really thirsty, so she licked the strange liquid. It tasted like cherry medicine. Cat looked disgustedly at the liquid and walked away.
The next day was cooler. Cat went outside and stretched her wings. Wait. . . Wings?!? Cat looked surprisedly at her new glowing white wings. Whatever. Cat thought. Cat strutted to her friends to show off her new wings.
All her friends stared at her in disbelief. “Like, OMG!” Sassy meowed. “Like, how did you get those?” 
“My secret.” Cat hissed.
“Let's call Cat, Angel Cat!” Puff yowled. 
“ANGEL CAT! ANGEL CAT! ANGEL CAT!” all cats meowed.
Cat, or now Angel Cat, spread her wings and flapped them. Angel Cat rose elegantly into the sky and away. 
That is why Angel Cat is called an Angel cat.