Chapter 1
Cooper and Oliver

Hi. I’m Cooper. I’m 2 years old and I wonder about everything. Like, ‘Hey! What’s that smell?’ I’m really, really, curious. (And don’t tell anyone, but I’m a scaredy-cat.)
I have a brother whose name is Oliver. He likes going outside. Oliver sometimes digs the hardwood floor to get outside. He meows and meows. “Ooooooouuuuuuttttttttt!!!!! OOOOOOOUUUUUUUTTTTTTTT!!!!!”
Then my man human comes and sometimes opens the door. But if Oliver is still digging, my man human gives him a putt on his butt. I don’t get why he wants to go out. It’s safe and warm inside,  and the inside has good food.

One time, Oliver saw another cat out there. But that’s another chapter.  


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