Hello there my fellow friends! Introducing... "The Secret N"


The Author: Well hello there, "The Secret N"! How do you do?

"The Secret N": I'm doing fine, thank you.

The Author: Great!

The Author: Well, let's get started. "The Secret N" do you write books?

"The Secret N": As a matter, of fact I love to write.

The Author: Cool! So do I!  I like to write fantasy books and horror books.What kind of books do you write?

"The Secret N": I specialize in realistic fiction. But I also write fantasy books.

The Author: What kind of books do you like to read?

"The Secret N": I love to read realistic fiction and fantasy.

The Author: What books do you recommend?

"The Secret N": I recommend "Tuesdays in the Castle", "Wednesdays in the Tower", and "Thursdays with the Crown". This is a series by Jessica Day George.

The Author: Fan of Jessica Day George?

"The Secret N": Yeah.

The Author: What are you favorite hobbies?

"The Secret N": Sewing, writing, and roller skating.

The Author: Do you play any instruments?

"The Secret N": I play the piano, and I am starting the clarinet.

The Author: That is it or now!

"The Secret N": Bye! Ttyl! (Talk to you later!)

Real interview. Done on Facetime. If you want an interview, post a comment on this interview, and state a secret name and answer questions on the bottom of this post. I do not want anyone's real name on the internet. The entire world can see it. Share this website with you friends! Remember, no bad words or bullying. Good reading!

-The Author

Do you write books?
What kind of books do you write?
What books do you recommend?
What are your favorite hobbies?
Do you play instruments? And what kind?


  1. HOI!!!! I'd love to do an interview with you. I'll be Grace. My secret name I mean.

  2. I do write books. They are not my specialty. If I do write books I like to make fantasy. This sounds really weird, but I would reccomend Bella's Birthday Unicorn. I like to draw and sing. I don't play and instrument yet, but I plan to play guitar or ukulele.


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