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-------Photo bomb! Look in background!-------
"The Secret N"and I made a cat toy for one of my cats and he loved it. Pics below!

Hi, Sorry I didn't post for so long. I was at Yosemite and some other national park. I learned something really interesting. In Yosemite, deer have killed people, but bears and mountain lions haven't killed anyone! "Too may people have watched Bambi." Our tour guide says. "Deer kick with those razor sharp hooves. I've seen people trying to put their children on the deer's backs. Deer are wild animals!"
It is true. During the tour, we saw at least three deer. Yosemite is a wonderful place to visit!

Soothing Song for when Working

Ghost Cat

By The Author

Table of Contents
The Cat on the Road Ghost Cat Get that Cat! Mummifying the Cat Free of the Spirit

Something brushed against my leg. It felt soft but freezing. “Ahheek!” I cried, and jumped back. “What Heather?” Luci asked, “Did a breeze scare the pants off you? At this rate if you get encountered with a ghost cat you’re going to die of fright,” Luci snickered. “Hurumph. You should have felt that breeze. It was freezing cold,” I said grumpily. “Heather, are you nuts? That breeze was nice and warm,” Luci scolded. I rolled my eyes. “Luci, the breeze was freezing cold.” “Then the Heather Haunting is here,” Luci said. “Whatever.” Without warning the wind started blowing in our faces wildly. Whooosh!  A cold wind swept us off our feet. “I shouldn’t have said that!” Luci yelled loudly over the wind.

Chapter 1 The Cat on the Road
July Fun
Some really fun things to do in July are:
BBQs Fireworks Pool Parties Water Fights