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Hi people!
If you ever see StardustDragon on, it's probably me. My Youtube account name is also StardustDragon. :-)

My Videos, Please Subscribe! LOL


Wolf Clan!

Hi guys, I created this wolf. I think I should be called something other than "The Author" so here is my name.  Darkness

 Yeah, it's long. But I created the wolf just for this. It looks cool, right? LOL! Here's a wolf base. Make the tail. Then, comment your wolf, and I can add you as a member of the clan. And the name is..... Lunar Moon Clan!
Ctrl c then Ctrl v

Anyways, TTYL!

Basic Spanish

Hi my name is = Hola, mi nombre es
What is your name? = ¿Cuál es su nombre?
Where is that located? = Donde esta ubicado?
Where is the bathroom? = ¿dónde está el baño?


School started on Wednesday. I got a great teacher! I'm excited for the rest of the school year! I'm also a little nervous, but who cares! I bet this grade is gonna be excellent!