My Book Ideas

1. School for Angels
An odd angel out when an angel named _____ is born with black, no white wings...

2. City of Mutants
When the city believes that animals are causing mutations... Eradicating all animals... But then the mutations don't stop... A group of mutants has to find a way to stop the mutations... Or everything is doomed!
(Survival based in the city) (In future)

3. When the Wind Blows
A story about a girl with a sickness that lives on a farm... Then she meets another person other than her parents and maids... And the person isn't afraid of the others to get the secret
(The person had a dare to go and see her, he doesn't actually want to make friends with her, but they do anyway.

Karma Akabane


100 reasons I dont like math

1. I don't like it 2. I don't like it 3. I don't like it 4. I don't like it 5. I don't like it

More Nightcore!


Asano and Karma


I Wish

I Wish (Animal) I wish that every pet had a home. I wish that the Bengal tiger was still common. I wish that global warming would stop and save the polar bears. I wish that people would stop and notice nature's wonders, the creatures here before us. I wish... to save the animals.
I Wish (Personal) I wish that I was an excellent artist. I wish that I could contribute more to this earth. I wish that I could be a better friend. I wish that I could get a better computer or fix the "q" key, so when I type about quailing quails,  I wouldn't have to pause and press the "q" slowly.
I Wish (Nightcore) I wish that Zen-kun, Sinon, underdogs., and all nightcores had a million more subscribers. I wish more people loved nightcore. I wish that more people hit that like button,  and haters go sit in the hater corner. I wish that I could stop listening to nightcores over and over, for hours.


Heyo guys! Today, I want you to vote which anime character I've drawn is the best!!!

1. Galactic Pretty Boy
2. Viktor Something from Yuri on Ice
3. Kankei Ken from Tokyo Ghoul
4. Steven and Aggron from Pokémon
5. Alois Trancy from Black Butler
6. Karma and Nagisa

In my school, the most people loved Nagisa and Karma. You can see all my art at MY ART!!!