The leafs are turning shades of gold, ruby, and topaz, Like patches of light from another world. Leafs are falling, tumbling aimlessly through the crisp air. 
The air is frosty and sharp, People playing football (or watching it),  Drinking cocoa... and I got bored. MMMMMMEEEEHHE

Have to watch this!!! So good.


Time to interview.... BananaFudge!!!

BananaFudge Likes sugar.... Hey! Hey! Don't take the comput

Hi! I'm BananaFudge! I like pancakes and BANANANANANASSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I have been on TV, and I have been in a Disneyland suite and parade!!! XD!!!!THANK YOU!!!!

Now that I have the computer back, I can finally type the proper interview. Meh. Hope she entertained you. See U laterzzzzzz......



Which is better?

This is Nightcore,  just to let u know. Which is better? Male or Female of Legends Never Die?



scooter_camdog     that is all im gonna say. scooter_camdog.

(Request) 4 da Bandwagon

One kid in my school is a "bandwagon", apparently. Someone thinks that. Made in Japan - Nightcore. 

A have to watch. BTW, I'm posting so much because I forgot to post over fall break. FWI- I do not mean the Banwagon. It was someone eklse. Updated today LUCAS!!!!