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Moooooooosic!!! (Pure randomness) beware





(Pure randomness)

Hi guys! So, there's a website called, and if you don't want to spend a whole lot on drawing stuff, go there. Go on a touch-screen computer, or a regular computer is fine. You might want a mouse, since drawing on a computer with the pad is really hard, for me at least. In this post, I will make a short tutorial on

1. Entering

When you search, you'll come to the home screen. Select your language, and continue.

(Watch the video, Sorry it's not the best cause I'm multitasking.)

The select tool lets you select stuff. more things in next video. Um, yeah.
 The reason why sketch is so goo is you can draw stuff and make it bigger or smaller. :)

10 min later... Still editing....

Ok, later when i figure it out, ill post it.

Galactic Pretty Boy Stages

One: The lineart   Two: The Little Bit of Color   Three: Finished

Some Neko Bookmarks....


Kankei and Hide - Comic Strip

So if you don't watch Tokyo ghoul, (I don't) Kankei is the white-haired boy. He's a (SPOILER ALERT) ghoul, and the red things are tentacles. Hide is his friend, and his full name is  Hideyoshi Nagachika 永近 英良 (ながちか ひでよし)
I searched that up :). 

Red and Gold, and Takuto (Galactic Pretty Boy)

PLEASE View me on DeviantArt to see my art when it's first posted!!! And Watch me too!!!
Click there (i dont have an arrow pointing downward :(   )

My New Art - Ciel Phantomhive and A Panda Girl for my Friend


Nightcore - Switching Vocals


Wonder - Can Kindness be taught?

Can Kindness be Taught? By DarkAngelBoy64
Can kindness be taught? I don’t believe it can be taught. I believe that kindness must be learned over time, and truthfully. Kindness should be something a kid(or adult) learns, by being kind, or receiving kindness. Auggie is kind because his family showed lots of kindness to him, and he is kind back. In the story, Justin and Miranda tell Auggie that he is lucky to have such a nice family. Miranda even tells lies about Auggie, that she’s related to him.
If kindness is taught, I don’t think that the meaning really gets across. If there is a lecture on being kind, but no one is truly kind, you will never truly know what it is to be kind. People also misunderstand and think that “Oh, kindness means I help people and smile at them. However, I feel that kindness comes from the heart, and being around people that are kind. Kindness is when you do something, but don’t expect anything in return. Kindness is when you hold the door open for someone, and e…
Wonder Reading Extension Mr. Tushman By DarkAngelBoy64

“Kinder Than Is Necessary” - J. M. Barrie’s The Little White Bird Part 1 is at the beginning of the story, and part 2 is at the end.

Part 1
The “Chosen Ones”
The first week of school was quickly coming, and I had to get ready for it. Before, in the summer, I got a call. It was a call from a woman named Isabel Pullman. “Hello.” She told me. “We are the parents of the student who had their test at home, remember? And we gave you all the pictures?” I told her yes, and asked what was the matter. “We would like you to show Auggie around the school, and maybe get some of the kinder children to be friends with Auggie?” “Of course,” I replied. “I know just who to choose.” So the next day I called a few parents; Charlotte’s mother, Julian’s mother, and Jack’s mother. Julian’s arrogant mother thought her son was a “chosen one”. “Oh thank you Mr. Tushman, for picking my amazing little child!” She squealed like a child who had gotten her only wish for …
I'll Start to post some art tutorials, I'm going to do a griffin, Alois Trancy, an angel cat, and possibly some chibi Pokemon. Sorry that I haven't posted in a long time, I am getting ready to post a lot of art on DeviantArt. Follow and watch me! I'm DarkAngelBoy64!!! Thanks, guys, byezzzz!!!!

(This was posted at 10:00PM author will wake up later)

Karma - Assassination Classroom-#MyART


Ciel Phantomhive -#MyART


My art

Sorry I didn't post in a while. :/

Ok, down to businessness.... 

hi people1 i took on the no shift challenge and no errorr challenge1 so the one is an exclamation mark and any mistakes i make are no eraseds. --- i wanted to tell you, im gonna make tutorials for drawing things. any suggestions/

Inspiring Song


My new drawings

Mega Charizard, Blaziken, Torracat
Just listen to the lyrics. :/

Can u find the one spelled correctly?


Yo peeps! I want to write a book, and it will be called Dragon's Prophesy. I've already written the prophecy. The prophecy was written by the dragons in the past, then when they are nearly extinct, they find it....

By man's greed, the dragons will fall
One from each sky shall answer the call,
For if they don't, all dragons will vanish,
from all of The Great Skies

I will start posting the Chapters soon.

Thank You!

BTW, U PEOPLES HAVE TO HEAR THIS... I cried... No, not really. ~-~

Sad Nightcore Songs 4 You! (or they sound sad)


Foolish but lucky gym leader




My Drawings - Yay! They re getting better!


Funny Post

OMG, laughed so hard when I saw this.

Great Book Series

Here is a good book trilogy! It is called "Morpheus Road".

Here are a few summaries!

Morpheus Road - The Light #1
"Morpheus Road - The Light" is about a boy named Marshall Seaver. He is being haunted after smashing a golden ball on the wall, and he must find out a way to stop the hauntings. He also must find out the mystery of Cooper Foley, his best friend. Where is Cooper Foley? Will Marshall stop the hauntings? Find out! -The Author

You know, I shouldn't spoil the other books. But, "The Light" is in Marshall's perspective, "The Black" is in Cooper's, and "The Blood" is in third person. If you read these books, YAY! If not, you're missing out. Here is a warning though, do not read before bed! Unless you don't get nightmares.....

Just kidding! These books are mildly creepy (for me, you might have a different opinion) Anyways, have a good time reading these!

OMG! So nice
The leafs are turning shades of gold, ruby, and topaz, Like patches of light from another world. Leafs are falling, tumbling aimlessly through the crisp air. 
The air is frosty and sharp, People playing football (or watching it),  Drinking cocoa... and I got bored. MMMMMMEEEEHHE

Have to watch this!!! So good.


Time to interview.... BananaFudge!!!

BananaFudge Likes sugar.... Hey! Hey! Don't take the comput

Hi! I'm BananaFudge! I like pancakes and BANANANANANASSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I have been on TV, and I have been in a Disneyland suite and parade!!! XD!!!!THANK YOU!!!!

Now that I have the computer back, I can finally type the proper interview. Meh. Hope she entertained you. See U laterzzzzzz......



Which is better?

This is Nightcore,  just to let u know. Which is better? Male or Female of Legends Never Die?



scooter_camdog     that is all im gonna say. scooter_camdog.

(Request) 4 da Bandwagon

One kid in my school is a "bandwagon", apparently. Someone thinks that. Made in Japan - Nightcore. 

A have to watch. BTW, I'm posting so much because I forgot to post over fall break. FWI- I do not mean the Banwagon. It was someone eklse. Updated today LUCAS!!!!

-_-'    When u randomly pick an anime online....



Yes, I've gon crazy with HIGHLIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHOOOHWOWHIOWHOWOHWOHW   djff  CREEPY DANCING SKELETONS!!! Wait How did that go again?           ..   .. . .     hmmm.. .            Lol. Meh..

Pale Orange! (Coral?)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FISHSSSSSSS Wait wha?



0o0 - What....?


Cat Gif

Lol, my other cat is like, What is wrong with that guy?



Wizard Newspaper #2

House of Ravenclaw - Are you wanting to get smarter? Go to Ravenclaw!
Hi people, if you're wondering why I changed the background, it's for Halloween....? Ok, I admit it, I'm not really the "pink flowery" type. Anyways, I'll change it back soon... Maybe???

The Mystery of the Background...
Short Para...

The lamp glowed brightly as the Author typed away at its laptop. Frowning, the Author looked at the background of her blog.  Slowly, the Author edged her hand towards a button that said.... "Change Theme". A cat meowed. The Author jumped, and quickly pushed the button. Soon, very soon, the readers would find out and possibly be not very happy with this decision.....

Or not! Say if I should change or not... Or else.  "Dramatic Music"

End of Blog...

or is it?

It is. Go away.

Still here? Fine. Eat this!!!!!!

Anime Cats

To make your day if you're not happy, or make you even more happy if you're happy CUTE CATS!
Just to let you know, I don't own any of these photos. Duh, kind of obvious.