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The leafs are turning shades of gold, ruby, and topaz, Like patches of light from another world. Leafs are falling, tumbling aimlessly through the crisp air. 
The air is frosty and sharp, People playing football (or watching it),  Drinking cocoa... and I got bored. MMMMMMEEEEHHE

Have to watch this!!! So good.


Time to interview.... BananaFudge!!!

BananaFudge Likes sugar.... Hey! Hey! Don't take the comput

Hi! I'm BananaFudge! I like pancakes and BANANANANANASSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I have been on TV, and I have been in a Disneyland suite and parade!!! XD!!!!THANK YOU!!!!

Now that I have the computer back, I can finally type the proper interview. Meh. Hope she entertained you. See U laterzzzzzz......



Which is better?

This is Nightcore,  just to let u know. Which is better? Male or Female of Legends Never Die?



scooter_camdog     that is all im gonna say. scooter_camdog.

(Request) 4 da Bandwagon

One kid in my school is a "bandwagon", apparently. Someone thinks that. Made in Japan - Nightcore. 

A have to watch. BTW, I'm posting so much because I forgot to post over fall break. FWI- I do not mean the Banwagon. It was someone eklse. Updated today LUCAS!!!!

-_-'    When u randomly pick an anime online....



Yes, I've gon crazy with HIGHLIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHOOOHWOWHIOWHOWOHWOHW   djff  CREEPY DANCING SKELETONS!!! Wait How did that go again?           ..   .. . .     hmmm.. .            Lol. Meh..

Pale Orange! (Coral?)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FISHSSSSSSS Wait wha?



0o0 - What....?


Cat Gif

Lol, my other cat is like, What is wrong with that guy?



Wizard Newspaper #2

House of Ravenclaw - Are you wanting to get smarter? Go to Ravenclaw!
Hi people, if you're wondering why I changed the background, it's for Halloween....? Ok, I admit it, I'm not really the "pink flowery" type. Anyways, I'll change it back soon... Maybe???

The Mystery of the Background...
Short Para...

The lamp glowed brightly as the Author typed away at its laptop. Frowning, the Author looked at the background of her blog.  Slowly, the Author edged her hand towards a button that said.... "Change Theme". A cat meowed. The Author jumped, and quickly pushed the button. Soon, very soon, the readers would find out and possibly be not very happy with this decision.....

Or not! Say if I should change or not... Or else.  "Dramatic Music"

End of Blog...

or is it?

It is. Go away.

Still here? Fine. Eat this!!!!!!

Anime Cats

To make your day if you're not happy, or make you even more happy if you're happy CUTE CATS!
Just to let you know, I don't own any of these photos. Duh, kind of obvious.

I made dis...

So bored.... Made dis...


My DollDivine Unicorns!!!



A catchy song to stay stuck in your head.   -{(~-~)}-

Chibi Girl

Hi peeps! I made this chibi girl. I call her Angel of Flower Forest.  XD

Nightcore Vids - I don't Own, But I love them! XD

The Nightcore version of Let it Go is way better! Hear it.

Dear Readers,
      Do you ever get bored of me? Anyways, to make you less bored, 私は日本語で話すつもりです! とにかく、私はmoomooをプレイします。私はニワトリが好きです。

愛、作者。!!! News - #1 News!
You've been hearing, this, and that! Now some of you must be wondering what it is. Or maybe you went ahead and played it. Fine by me. Anyways, if you don't know already, is an awesome survival game. In this virtual paper, I will explain what is and how to play it. I will also give tips, and cool pictures.
Clans You can join a clan, un-join, and sadly, betray as many clans as you want. To create a clan you have to click on the blank space for the name. My clan's name is most likely 'Dragon'. However, I may be something else.

Party Make a party so you friend can join. Just Click 'Create Party'. 

More updates to come on News!

Find it!

Find the 'n'!

Find the 'v'!

Find the '0'!

Harry Potter

Hey Look guys! It's Harry! I drew Him. XD
Hi people!
If you ever see StardustDragon on, it's probably me. My Youtube account name is also StardustDragon. :-)

My Videos, Please Subscribe! LOL


Wolf Clan!

Hi guys, I created this wolf. I think I should be called something other than "The Author" so here is my name.  Darkness

 Yeah, it's long. But I created the wolf just for this. It looks cool, right? LOL! Here's a wolf base. Make the tail. Then, comment your wolf, and I can add you as a member of the clan. And the name is..... Lunar Moon Clan!
Ctrl c then Ctrl v

Anyways, TTYL!

Basic Spanish

Hi my name is = Hola, mi nombre es
What is your name? = ¿Cuál es su nombre?
Where is that located? = Donde esta ubicado?
Where is the bathroom? = ¿dónde está el baño?


School started on Wednesday. I got a great teacher! I'm excited for the rest of the school year! I'm also a little nervous, but who cares! I bet this grade is gonna be excellent!



Random Animated Pokemon Videos

I felt like Pikachu'ing...

Ice Skating

I ice skate, and this weekend, I am having a huge competition! I will be competing with people from all over the world! I am so nervous! In my other program, I won first place!

I hope you all have had good summers so far!

11:13       OMG! School is over! now that I have time to post, I would like to share some sad news with you. My cats caught baby birds, and I rescued the two! The birds are fledglings, which means they wander away from their mother to practice their survival skills. However, the mother is always within earshot. Somehow, our baby birds wandered away, and my cats got them. The birds peed (hee hee) in the box that I kept them in. The poor things were scared. I read up on how to release and help the birds. I just realized that a lot of people have these "My cat caught a baby/adult bird. It's injured. What do I do?" situations.

11:50       The birds are safe. The mother(a quail) came, and we released the fledglings beyond our fence. One cat, Tiger*(picture is shown below), escaped the house. He was hunting the birds too.

     I'm still worried though. The third bird I couldn't catch. So, the third bird is still out there with Tiger.


Hi guys! OmyGosh, at school (FWI, Ms. BeBe, if you're reading this, this is fake) my teacher and the school nurse are having a pranking contest, except with a twist: the theme is dinosaurs. First, we hung up dinosaurs we colored. We don't have many ideas, so if you an idea, please comment!

Anyways, I created this on a website.  The Girl's name is Violet, and the dragon's name is Lilac. 
HI, Sorry for not posting for a long time, was busy at school. We have CASSP testing, and it's soooooo boring. Anyways, I'm going to post a survey done in school from GoogleForms.


We Love Kittyz! 

Comics for Cat Enthusiasts

How Christmas is...

HI, guys, I went skiing on Saturday, here are some pictures, click on the first picture, this will able you to see all the pictures easily.

Hiya peeps, sorry I haven't posted in a long time but, ya. Here are some tips to create fun stuff with GoogleDocs. So, to create a group chat click share. Then in the box, put in your friend's email address. And if you want to put in emojis, search "emojis" in a blank page, and copy with (ctrl c) and paste (ctrl v).
Um.... I have to go now so that's a few tricks. If you know "the way," do not show anybody "the way." Thanks.
So... Ya.

Subtracting and Multiplying Intergers

The Rule of Negative Numbers

Positive x Negative = Negative  ex. 6 x (-5) = -30
Negative x Positive = Negative ex. -5 x 6 = -30
Positive x Positive = Positive ex. 6 x 5 = 30
Negative x Negative = Positive ex. -5 x (-6) = 30

Scylla and Charybdis

I am writing a book. Here's the prologue and first chapter.

Long, long ago a few cunning sailors escaped the wrath of Charybdis and Scylla. Now this was no easy task, for when you tried to sail around the crevice of Charybdis and Scylla’s home, it would just appear in your path again. No normal sailors could use such trickery, most of the people on board were sons and daughters of gods. The crew of the boat, called the Starling, was quite small. There were three fully human crew members, a captain, two sons of Poseidon, a daughter of Hecate, a son of Hecate, and a daughter of Hermes. All of these sons and daughters were granted special powers from good deeds. The two sons of Poseidon were granted power over water. The children of Hecate, were granted power to make illusions. The daughter of Hermes was granted speed, the ability to mimic voices, and extreme cleverness. The boat, Starling, was massive vessel. It could hold fifty men, but most of the space was used for great am…