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Those are pictures of glasses of water with food coloring in it. It's a DIY.
I love watching Youtube videos! Just make sure that they are appropriate! Here are some of my favortes! ;-)

Hi dudes and dudettes! "Yo mama" jokes are really rude, so instead of saying rude things(stupid, dumb, etc) say nice things(smart, fashionable, etc). Here's some goods and bads.

Good :  Yo mama so smart she came out of the womb yelling the multiplication table.

Bad: Yo mama so stupid that she got an appointment with Dr. Pepper.

The "Yo mama" jokes may be silly, but they may be hurtful. If you say these in school, I kid might tell their parents. The kids might think it is funny, but some people(adults) might think it is rude and disrespectful. You might get in trouble. You can say these not very nice jokes, but I'm warning you, you might get into trouble.

Funny Jokes

Um… Are you gonna eat that… ham sandwich?

Yo! This my basket ball! Yeah, I can’t play with it, but still, it’s mine! I found it just sitting here. So ha HA on you.

Best (snicker) hiding (snicker) spot (snicker) ever!!!  
Can see a bird from across the lawn. Can’t see the cat treat right in front of him unless you point to it 9 times.

“Oh kitty, you’re so fuzzy and cute and..” Oh Stop.
Go on.

Can’t see me, I’m a leaf… Can’t see me, I’m a leaf… Can’t see me, I’m a leaf...
Oops. Turned into
These are my fuzzy cats. The one in front is Cooper, and the one in the back is Oliver. 🐱