Hello there my fellow friends! Introducing... "Nature Girl"


The Author: Well hello there, "Nature Girl"! How do you do?

Nature Girl": I'm doing fine, thank you.

The Author: Great!

The Author: Well, let's get started. "
Nature Girl" do you write books?

Nature Girl": Not a lot.

The Author: OK. I like to write fantasy books and horror books.What kind of books do you write?

Nature Girl":I write fantasy stories, if I write. 
The Author: What books do you recommend?

Nature Girl": I recommend "Bella's Birthday Unicorn".
The Author: What are you favorite hobbies?
"Nature Girl": Drawing and singing.

The Author: Do you play any instruments?

Nature Girl": No, but I plan to play the ukulele or the guitar. 

The Author: That is it or now!

"Nature Girl": See ya!


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