Here's a preview on my new book Ghost Cat. 

Ghost Cat

Table of Contents

  1. The Cat
  2. Ghost Cat
  3. Get that Cat!
  4. Mummifying the Cat
  5. Free of the Spirit

Chapter 1
The Cat

The cool breeze fluttered in my face. I took a deep breath of the fresh air. Splash! I jumped from the high diving board into the water below. “Bravo!” My swim teacher called to me. “Nice work. I’ll see you on Friday, Heather.”
I jumped out of the pool shivering. I grabbed my soft red towel and wrapped it around me. Rubbing myself down, I snatched my phone and called Dad. I couldn’t walk home now. A storm was brewing.
While waiting for Dad, I walked around the pool gazing at the ripples in the water created by the raindrop that had started pouring down.
Suddenly, I heard honk. Dad was here.
I snuggled in the car. Dad put the heater on in the car. Dad was swinging the windshield wipers full blast. The rain was pouring down, and you could only see a few feet in front of you.
Suddenly, Bam! Our car hit something! Dad swerved to the side of the road and braked hard. He clutched the umbrella and ran out into the rain. I ran after him. I tripped, and fell on something small and squishy. Looking back, I saw a cat. I put my hand on the cat. Cold. The cat was dead. “Dad!” I called. He came running. When he saw the cat, he sighed. “Let’s go.” He said.
Right when we turn to leave I heard an earsplitting yowl. I look back and see another cat running of into the rain. He looked disturbingly like the cat laying down dead, on the street. Hmm. I pondered. Why is there an identical cat with the cat who just died ?

Chapter 2
Ghost Cat  

The next morning I woke up early to call my friend. “Hey Luci!” I said sadly into the phone. “The saddest thing happened yesterday.” I told her about the poor cat we had ran over. “Oh dear.” Luci said. “I’m so sorry for that poor cat!”
“But the strangest thing was,” I told her, “that when we turned to leave, I heard a yowl, and an identical cat was standing right next to the dead cat. It ran off the moment I looked at it. Also, my Dad said he didn’t hear a thing.”
“I have to go. I’ll email you.” Luci said.

Luci signed onto
Heather signed onto

Luci: Hey, Heather, I’m at the library. I read something real strange. It says here in this book that cats have two lives. One life, a normal life. Then a second life, but this time, the cat is a ghost. The cat will haunt anyone who has seen it, and will not stop until the person dies. Or, If the person properly mummifies the cat.

Heather: That mean that the cat next to the dead cat was a ghost!?!

Luci: Yes...

Heather: And... I’ve seen the ghost cat! That means I’ll be haunted!

Luci: Heather, don’t be such a chicken. You’re not scared of anything!

Heather: I know! But what if the cat poos or pees on everything?

Luci: Uhhhhg. That is so disgusting Heather! Anyways if the cat does that, I think that it will go to cat jail! Let’s give the cat a name… How about Heather Haunting?

Heather: N-O no no no!

Luci: Why not?

Heather: ‘cause it’s my ghost cat. And I’m gonna name it.

Luci: But it makes perfect sense! It’s haunting you Heather, so the cat’s name should be Heather Haunting! Or… Haunting Heather!!!

Heather: Fine. Heather Haunting it is.

Luci: Yay!!!

Luci signed off

Heather signed off


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