Hello. I hope you like the recent stories on the blog. All six chapters of my story are posted. Here are the Chapters.

Chapter 1 - Cooper and Oliver
Chapter 2 - Tiger
Chapter 3 - The Out
Chapter 4 - Tiger’s Attack
Chapter 5 - The Pickle Incident

Chapter 6 - (By the Way this is the Last Chapter)

I rather like Chapter 6, because it makes me laugh. My two kitties like to knock things over as well. At some point in the night, we hear a thunk. In the morning, we find at least one thing has fallen down. As for the story title, I do not know what to name it. It is your choice. Some of my friends suggested

"Cat Wonders"
"Cooper and Oliver's Adventures"
"Fuzzy Cats"

I surprisingly like the last title "Fuzzy Cats".

Best regards,
The Author


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