Pokemon Go - Good or Bad?

     Pokemon Go is a game in where the player walks around catching Pokemon, spinning pokestops, and hatching Pokemon eggs. There are several cases in which Pokemon Go is good, and Pokemon Go is bad. Pokemon Go is good because you'll get exercise while walking around. It's also dangerous because the player could not be paying attention and could trespass, accidentally walk on the road, or do something crazy.

May teach mapping skills
Makes you get outside more
Friends and family may get closer

Can distract you while driving/walking/etc.
Too much excitement when Lapras hatches. (Happened to me!!!)

I like playing Pokemon Go, and you can comment on whether or not you like it or dislike it.

Pokemon Stuff:

My cousin calls Pokemon "Pokemen"

I was walking, and one of my eggs was hatching and I got a Lapras!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I caught a ditto and went crazy.

There was once a Jolteon, Flareon, and Snorlax in my house.

I once got 6 pokeballs, an ultra ball, and three Super potions out of one pokestop.


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