Christmas Fun!

Hi, Guys! Christmas is coming up! Some fun activities are:

1. Pinecone Ornaments
2. Reindeer food
3. Christmas Cookies

Pinecone Ornaments
Pinecone ornaments are fun and easy to make. They may be a little messy, though. To make the ornaments, you will need:
Newspaper(to prevent mess)
Pinecone(preferably small open ones)
Accessories(Ribbon, stickers, etc)

First, cover a table in newspapers, and tape the corners if you want. Decorate the pinecones. MY favorite kind of design is drenching the pinecone in glue, then pouring glitter all over it. (MESSY, PLEASE TRY TO BE AS NEAT AS POSSIBLE) After the pinecone designs are finished(glue must be dried), tie a ribbon around the top tightly in a double or triple knot to ensure it to not fall off. Now, hang the ornament up!

 Reindeer Food
Reindeer Food is for the reindeer to eat when they arrive at your house during Christmas.
You will need:

Mix the oats and glitter and you have reindeer food.

Christmas Cookies
Christmas cookies are fun! First, bake sugar cookies. Wait for them to cool, and decorate them with buttercream frosting. There are many designs. It'll be fun!!!


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