Minecraft and Harry Potter - Potions with Proffesor Snape

Blaze Rods
Ghast Tears
Magma Cream 
Glistening Melon
Golden Carrot 
Fermented Spider Eye(Mushroom,spider-eye,sugar)
Rabbit's Foot 
Puffer fish
Water Bottles
Nether wart

Helpful Potions:

Awkward Potion

Potion of Strength:
Awkward Potion/Blaze Powder

Potion of Healing:
Awkward Potion/Glistening Melon

Potion of Swiftness:
Awkward Potion/Sugar

Potion of Invisibility:
Awkward Potion/Golden Carrot/Fermented Spider eye 

Potion of Regeneration:
Awkward Potion/Ghast Tear

Potion of Night Vision:
Awkward Potion/Golden Carrot

Potion of Fire Resistance:
Awkward Potion/Magma Cream

Potion of Water Breathing:
Awkward Potion/Puffer Fish

Potion of Leaping:
Awkward Potion/Rabbit's Foot

Harmful Potions:

Potion of Poison:
Awkward Potion/Spider Eye

Potion of Harming:
Awkward Potion/Spider Eye/Fermented Spider Eye

Potion of Weakness:
Awkward Potion/Blaze Powder/Fermented Spider Eye

Potion of Slowness:
Awkward Potion/Sugar/Fermented Spider Eye

Splash Potions:

To make a splash potion is easy. Combine any potion with gunpowder(Creepers drop this)

Tricks with Potions:
Mad at you friend? Stole some diamonds? Killed your dog? Pay them back by naming a harmful potion a helpful potion. Like naming Potion of Slowness Potion of Swiftness. Ha ha! What a laugh. (BTW I do not use this tactic, it is mean.)


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