The Misadventures of Oliver and Cooper
The Mystery of the Outside Cat
Book 1

By The Author

Table of Contents

  1. Cooper

  2. Oliver
  3. Cooper
  4. Oliver
  5. Cooper
  6. Oliver
  7. Cooper and Oliver

Chapter 1

Hi I’m Cooper. I’m a tabby mix and I’m about two years old in cat years. This is the story of the outside cat. We figured it out but I’m not going to tell you just yet. First let me explain how we came to this home.

“MEOW!” We sat in a cage looking at all the tall people bustling by and all of them ignored us. They were looking at the tuxedo cats next to us and adopting them, not us. “Ollie, when are we getting adopted?” I whined.
“Can you shhh?” He asked.
“Yeah, can you shhh?” The snobby siamese asked. She was getting adopted by a small boy and was very proud of it. “Ta ta!” She said as the boy took her in his arms, walking away. “Good luck getting adopted!
I sighed. At this rate, we were never going to get adopted. Soon, the fair was nearly over. Most of the animals were gone, and we were one of the last cats. The beautiful ragdoll looked over at us and meowed, “Why aren’t you guys adopted?”
I shrugged. Suddenly a girl and a boy came running over. They said something in their weird human language, and a man came over. The man asked my caretaker something, and the caretaker unlatched the cage. Were we getting adopted?
The man held us while the kids pet us. The petting felt nice, so I purred. Purr… purr purr… The man said another thing, and the next thing I knew I was back in the cage. Sigh. Wait! The kids were guarding the cage and shooing away other people. We were getting adopted!

All four humans were stressed and they put us in a box and took us somewhere. It was hot and suddenly it was very cool. I took a deep breath and felt the cool air on me. Ahh. “HEY PEEPS?” I meowed at my humans, “ARE WE GOING SOMEWHERE OR WHAT?”
The human poked a finger through a hole in my box and I licked it. It tasted sweet. “Huh?” I asked.
Suddenly the box lifted and the humans rushed somewhere. I peered out of the box and there were heading to a strange object. The humans put us in the object and the object started to move. “Isn’t this cool?” I asked Oliver.
“Uh huh.” Oliver meowed.
Soon the object stopped and the humans got us out of it. We went towards a huge house and in we went. Inside, there was a huge area to walk and fuss about in. The humans opened the boxes and we rushed behind the couch. We were home!

That’s the story of how we came to this home. We had stayed for just a few months and the house doesn’t seem so new anymore. That’s when the mysterious cat came.

Chapter 2

We were just hanging around the house when… oh hi! I’m Oliver and I’m a tabby mix and I’m about two years old in cat years. Just like my brother Cooper. Back to the story.
We were just hanging around the house when a mysterious cat appeared. The mysterious cat was black with even blacker stripes. “Hello. You must be new. I haven’t seen you before.” I puffed up and attacked the glass.
“This is my territory, just to let you know.” I said. “Now get off.”
The mysterious cat examined his paws casually. “What's your name?”
“This is Oliver, my brother.” Cooper poked his head out from where he was hiding behind me. “Oh, hi Mr. Cat,” and slunk away.
I raised my fur up. “You know my name. Now yours.”
The mysterious cat licked his paw and spat. He sauntered away and one of the humans came and laughed at me. “What’s so funny?” I demanded.
The human just came and smoothed down my puffed fur. That felt good. Purr…
HUP! Back to business. So… time for Ollie’s Detective show!

Hi, I’m Kitty Korren! Welcome to “Ollie’s Detective Show!” Today, we have the privilege of reading Ollie Detective’s files for the “Case of the Mysterious Cat”!

File 1:

Case: Mysterious cat outside on my territory.

Suspect Name: Unknown. To be found out.


Cat color: Black with black stripes

Breed: Black Tabby

Crime: On my territory

Proof: Black Fur outside. Human picked it up after going out.

Law or Rule Broken: Trespassed on my territory. Trespassing on any territory is against section 4bb1

File 2:  

Pictures of unknown cat




Ollie’s Detective Notes

Hmmm. Very interesting. Yes. A very strange cat has appeared. Cooper is on the lookout and will report on sighting of this mysterious cat. This cat has actually confronted me and has trod upon my territory.  



9:31 am

3:29 pm


9:28 am

3:30 pm


9:29 am

3:32 pm

This cat’ is always around 9:30 am and 3:30 pm. I took pictures when he came around. I think he saw me. Cooper is continuing to record data. After all he is super friendly cat. He is bound to get close to the cat.
Found out much. Cat’s name is Tiger. Case will continue.

Chapter 3

Oliver wants me to watch the cat and record when he is here. He mostly comes around 9:30am and 3:30pm. I told Oliver that, but he didn’t listen. “Just record it!” He says.
I went to the glass door and sat there. A human came and petted me. She went away and the strange cat came up and said, “Yo! My name’s Tiger!”
“I’m Cooper!” I said. “Do you live around here?”
“Yep.” Tiger said. “I live close to here. You sure are nicer than that other cat.”
“Oh, Oliver? He was just a little moody that day.” I said.
“Cool.” Tiger said. “Oh, I need to go. Bye Cooper.”
Hmm. I thought. Oh! I could give the information to Oliver! Then Oliver could stop his fussing about Tiger! Even better, Ollie could meet Tiger and see how nice he is.
I went to see Oliver and he took note of all the things I said to him. “Hmm. Ah hmm. OK. Thanks.” He said and took off to his secret area.
I secretly followed him. When he finally came out, I darted in quickly. I pawed through his files and read his Detective Notes. Time for operation Tiger meeting. I scrawled small a small note and found Oliver. He read it. His eyes widened. “Uh, I need to go.” He skittered off and hid.
I hope the plan will work. Otherwise The whole thing will fail.


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