Cristina crept around the side of the building, keeping her eyes in front of her. She slid inside and crept onto the stairs. She quietly hopped stair to stair, not aware of something watching her. Cristina snuck in a room labeled "Dr. Gerainium - Room 152". She opened a drawer and rummaged through it. Nothing, nothing, Cristina thought. Ah ha! She thought triumphantly as she pulled a string. A secret chest was hidden under the drawer. Cristina opened the locked chest with her fancy lock picks. Creak! The chest groaned as she opened it. A pure gold rod with a silver coil wrapped around it. Cristina grabbed the rod and turned around. A huge figure loomed over her...

-----To be Continued-----
---By YOU!---

Read the story and then post in the comments your ending of the story. I will post my ending of the story  after at least 3 people have posted their endings. 


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