Saturday, October 22, 2016

Skitty is cute!!!!!!!!!

Haiku - a Poem with a rhythm of 5, 7, 5

"An old silent pond...
A frog jumps into the pond,
splash! Silence again." 
I found this pretty Haiku online. Here is one of my own.

A sleeping red cat,

glowing in the light of fire,

gorgeous fur shines bright.

Make one of you own and try it for yourself!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Minecraft and Harry Potter - Potions with Proffesor Snape

Blaze Rods
Ghast Tears
Magma Cream 
Glistening Melon
Golden Carrot 
Fermented Spider Eye(Mushroom,spider-eye,sugar)
Rabbit's Foot 
Puffer fish
Water Bottles
Nether wart

Helpful Potions:

Awkward Potion

Potion of Strength:
Awkward Potion/Blaze Powder

Potion of Healing:
Awkward Potion/Glistening Melon

Potion of Swiftness:
Awkward Potion/Sugar

Potion of Invisibility:
Awkward Potion/Golden Carrot/Fermented Spider eye 

Potion of Regeneration:
Awkward Potion/Ghast Tear

Potion of Night Vision:
Awkward Potion/Golden Carrot

Potion of Fire Resistance:
Awkward Potion/Magma Cream

Potion of Water Breathing:
Awkward Potion/Puffer Fish

Potion of Leaping:
Awkward Potion/Rabbit's Foot

Harmful Potions:

Potion of Poison:
Awkward Potion/Spider Eye

Potion of Harming:
Awkward Potion/Spider Eye/Fermented Spider Eye

Potion of Weakness:
Awkward Potion/Blaze Powder/Fermented Spider Eye

Potion of Slowness:
Awkward Potion/Sugar/Fermented Spider Eye

Splash Potions:

To make a splash potion is easy. Combine any potion with gunpowder(Creepers drop this)

Tricks with Potions:
Mad at you friend? Stole some diamonds? Killed your dog? Pay them back by naming a harmful potion a helpful potion. Like naming Potion of Slowness Potion of Swiftness. Ha ha! What a laugh. (BTW I do not use this tactic, it is mean.)