Wizard Newspaper - Harry Potter's Afterlife

                                     Wizard Weekly                       1st Edition

Your Wizarding Community Newspaper!


Ravenclaw's newest invention! Brain growth, and comes with smartness pills!
(Ravenclaw is not responsible for any head injuries, or nonstop fact blabbering.)

Slytherin pet shop, buy snakes just like You-Know-Whos! We have snakes, snakes, and... fish. 
(Slytherin is not responsible for any deaths, snakes not required for anyone that's not a parseltounge.)

Buy the new broom! The Speedythousand6000! Faster, sleeker, and more dangerous than all the others!
(SpeedyBrooms are not responsible for any deaths with slipping off the broom.)

Ministry of Magic's Comments

Too many wizards have been caught using magic in their households, St. Mungo's is overflowing with muggles having to get rid of memories. To stop this, all wizards, if using magic in the house, must put a concealment charm on their windows, as to stop muggles from seeing you. 

Weasly's Wizard Wheezes
Kids are banned from using Noickyfoods, the "icky" foods are landing on unsuspecting muggles heads!

(Although this has thought to be a prank, we don't want muggle finding out about us.

More Wizard Weekly coming soon!


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